International Ship Crewmanagement Phils.,Inc. is a manning agency which provides Filipino seaferers to a continously expanding fleet of Italian owned foreign sea-going vessels consisting of bulkers, oil tankers, containers and car carriers.

Established in 2006, ISCPI is responsible for supplying competent, reliable and hardworking Filino officers and crew. The agency also promotes crew welfare, career opportunites and promotion prospects. In line with the ship managers and owners' requirement, ISCPI maintains its high standards of international security and safety regulations by ensuring all seafarers deployed to the vessels are properly trained and licensed.

D'amico Group was born and grew as a family owned business; it has been operating successfully in the shipping business for over 50 years. Group's business is currently carried out by a strong and skilled management team, which is strongly inspired by 3 values that permit to seize and succeed the continuous challenges of development for the company.

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